Submerge yourself in inspiring installations, interactivity, get your moves on to music, reconnect with the creative community, recalibrate your costumes–practice walking on your hands and get ready to be Upside Down! 

– Juniper

***General Tickets are SOLD OUT***

There are a few ways to still get into the event:
Join an existing art project/crew and use the directed code they give you
Volunteer for production in one of the key roles that still need people (rangers, gate, fire perimeter, orange shirt team). You may use the link below, but only select a crew that needs volunteers still.
Purchase a ticket off of someone you trust who is no longer going. Please be careful of scammers! Look to see if the seller is charging the original price, if they are part of the community, and be careful who you trust. 
Hope to get a ticket in the OMG Sale. This is a last minute sale we have previously offered with unsold tickets. WE DO NOT KNOW if it will happen this year. This is your LEAST reliable option. Even if it does happen there will be very, very few tickets

Directed Tickets will go on sale Monday, May 1st, at 2 PM

If you are a volunteer either this year or last year, including production, camps, and artist teams, there is a ticket already reserved for you. Please email if you have any questions.
Directed tickets are $198.36 CAD

Directed Ticket Registration by April 25th

For camps and artists: If you have not already done so, please request directed tickets for your team before April 25th through the Directed Registration Form:
If you are volunteering for production this year, you will receive a directed ticket purchase link from your team lead. Apply here:

General Sale will open Saturday, May 6th, at 2 PM

The General Sale has sold out.
General Tickets are/were $219.66 CAD

Subsidy Tickets will open Sunday May 14th at 2 PM

The subaidy ticket process has closed. 

Child and Teen Tickets

Tickets are available for purchase as needed with any other ticket type. 
Child Tickets will be free for those under 13 (but please still “buy” a ticket for liability)
Teen Tickets will be  $92.92 CAD, including all fees

The 2023 Survival Guide is live and linked in the buttons below the map. You can also access this very important information here. 

Applications and Other Things

The What Where When is open for submissions! Fill out this form to let us and everyone else know what awesomeness you will be sharing! 

If You need Early Entry please apply here. See the FAQ for more information.

Are you an experienced Otherworldian who has flailed on getting a ticket? Production is putting together an Orange Shirt Team of people to act as extra eyes and ears, ambassadors, helping people around the event. Think you would be a good fit?

See this page for more information and email about signing up! Directed tickets may still be available. 

There are still Ranger training dates available, use the above button to sign up for either May 24th (evening in Nanaimo) or May 29th (evening over Zoom)

New information on how to get to the event has been added to the FAQ page. Please check it out for travel and weather information! In fact, lots of new info is being added to the FAQs that is helpful to know! 

An Effigy Team lead has been chosen, if you would like to help with the build the call out for helpers can be found here.

Helpful Places to go

The KindleArts Society

A great website to stay connected with timely updates and good information!

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