A Vancouver Island Regional Arts Event

Otherworld is a multi-day event, held annually on Vancouver Island — with art, music and community at its core. Together, every participant helps co-create an experience distinct from our everyday physical world or reality.

Otherworld 2024 returns
Thursday, June 6 - Monday, June 10

Welcome to Otherworld: ELEMENTALITY

Elementality describes our interconnectedness to the world around us and how we perceive ourselves in relation to our environment.

It is an alchemical transmutation from one state of being into another.

Website News

We're changing the format! From 2024 onwards, all current info will be in a page dedicated to that year. The rest of the site will continue to exist every year to answer your questions when the FB Group can't. - OW Web Team

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Principles & Policies

Otherworld is a place of magic, fuckery and mystery, serving as a setting for adventures, side quests and journeys.