Event FAQ

What is the difference between the Kindle Arts Society and the Burning Man Community?

Many people who are part of our membership are also part of the larger Burning Man community and identify with the 10 principles.  Although some of our events are officially sanctioned by Burning Man, and must comply with the rules of regional events, not all Kindle Arts events are official Burning Man events.

The Kindle Arts Society has its own constitution that guides the framework of how we operate.  

You can read more about our constitution here

What do you mean when you say there are no spectators?

Kindle Arts events are unique in the sense that they don’t happen unless everyone contributes and brings something.  Our events are entirely run by volunteers.  The entertainment, performances, DJ’s, music, art, etc. don’t happen unless attendees choose to bring it.  We provide the necessary infrastructure (security, first aid, porta potties when necessary), but it is up to you as an attendee to participate and make the event what you want it to be.  If there is something you see that you think will make the event better, we want to empower you to take action and make it better.  If you see something that you think you can improve, bring it! 

What are rangers? And why are they important?

Rangers are participants that help us to ensure safety at our events. Rangers are folks who volunteer their time as non-confrontational community members who help facilitate mediation and communication among attendees.  Rangers can assist in de-escalation, provide information of potential hazards, and carry radios to quickly relay important information in case of emergency. 

In order to volunteer as a ranger, you must complete training on an annual basis in your area.  If you would like to find out more about how to become a ranger, or available training in your area, visit https://bcrangers.ca/

Otherworld Questions

Can I bring my pet(s) to this event?

No, this event is not pet friendly.  Please leave your pets at home.

Is this event family friendly?

Otherworld is an event that is open to all ages, and it is a family friendly event. Children must attend Otherworld accompanied by a parent or guardian. Most areas of Otherworld will be family friendly, and there is often a designated area for folks who would like to bring kids.

However, there will also be separate areas that are designated for adults only.  Please take note of these areas upon your arrival and ensure your children do not enter these parts of the event.

What are the specific requirements for a Guardian bringing Minors to OtherWorld?

As mentioned earlier, OtherWorld is an All-Ages event. Young people are welcome here, and many will be in attendance. They must be accompanied to the event by a Guardian or a Parent.

There are certain requirements for the Guardian to abide by, including bringing or supplying a proof of consent of the young person’s parent(s) or Guardian for them to attend this event. From the terms and conditions of the tickets, all people under 19 years of age in the province of BC are a Minor. You assume all liability for that Minor, and just as you would be responsible for obtaining insurance for yourself, you are also responsible for obtaining insurance for any Minors in your care. You are obligated to supervise at all times Minors 12 years and under, and are obligated to know where Minors aged 13 to 18 years old by knowing where those Teenagers are and what they are doing. You acknowledge that Minors may be exposed to nudity, sexuality, intoxication, and other adult situations. There may be areas of the Event marked “adults only” and You will ensure that all Minors within your care will comply with and do not enter these areas.

For greater clarity and correctness, inspect the Terms and Conditions of the ticket you intend to purchase or have already purchased.

Will you be enforcing vaccine passports?

Otherworld will be complying with all federal and provincial health guidelines. Currently, that means that the province is not enforcing vaccine passports.  We also understand that every individual has different comfort levels in regards to health and safety around Covid 19.

We empower theme camps leads and leads of communal areas to create and communicate the health and safety guidelines that make them feel most comfortable.

This may mean that some theme camps will require you to show your vaccine passport and wear a mask. We expect all participants to adhere to the guidelines that theme camps may have around their spaces.  Consent is one of the principles of the Kindle Arts Society.

Refusal to comply with the health and safety rules of theme camps may result in removal from the event. It is absolutely fundamental to our community values to respect boundaries and consent.

Can I bring fireworks?

Do not bring fireworks.

Fireworks without a licence will agitate the local community and our venue, and the event would like being invited back next year.

Can I have a camp fire?

No! It is fire season and no open burning of any kind is permitted. Cigarettes butts on the ground are not permitted.

However, Propane fire pits are permitted and encouraged.

Can I get Early Access to the event?

Anyone with a directed, companion, member ticket or name on the org chart or volunteer schedule will be added to early access automatically, as will everyone in the vehicle traveling with such a person.Early Access starts on June 13th, Monday, and is for individuals who will primarily be working in a volunteer capacity, such as on production, setting up their art, theme camps, or other items.If you need Early Access or want more details on the process, please see this form.

Ticketing Questions

How do I claim tickets that someone else purchased for me?

I can’t attend Otherworld, but I bought a ticket. How do I transfer it?

What about kid’s/teens tickets?

Tickets for kids and teens will be released as part of the main sale on April 20th, 2022 at 8:00pm

What about Caregiver tickets?

Caregiver tickets will be released as part of the main sale on April 20th, 2022 at 8:00pm

What about subsidy tickets?

Subsidy tickets will be released separately from the membership sale. There will be more details shared closer to the main sale as there is an application process involved.

Stay tuned on the event page for more information.

Can I transfer a subsidy ticket to someone else if I can’t go to Otherworld?

No. Subsidy tickets are non-transferable. If you realize that you are no longer able to attend, please request a refund directly through Eventbrite. You can find instructions on requesting a refund through this link.

What is your refund policy?

You have until June 2nd, 2022 at 11:59pm to request a refund.  After that time, refunds will be officially closed. We have implemented this policy, as we are allowing participants to register on a waitlist if tickets are sold out.

Once a refund is issued, that ticket will be offered to the next person on the waitlist automatically. However, we want to make sure that those on the waitlist have enough time to plan for Otherworld if a ticket becomes available to them.

Click the link to learn more on how to request a refund in Eventbrite.

My question about tickets isn’t answered here

You can email tickets@kindlearts.ca