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Kindle Arts Society

Kindle Arts is a not-for-profit society serving the coastal B.C. region.

In 2011, the Victoria area arts and culture community and the Burning Man community recognized the need to become more formally organized. Over the course of several months, community leaders and interested participants met and discussed the needs and values of the community. In January of 2012, they elected a board of directors to form a society based on those needs and values.

Today, Kindle Arts Society organizes arts and cultural events, education and provides support to artists and communities that serve coastal B.C., including Vancouver Island, the lower mainland, and outlying islands. But no matter where you are from, you are welcome to participate.


Otherworld is a participation driven event. It literally can’t exist without you. Everyone is volunteering for something. In 2023, around 1,700 people had volunteer hours to record, which means the majority of attendees made Otherworld happen — either on the production team, sharing their art or helping theme camps run.

An easy way to volunteer (while also securing your directed ticket and making new friends) is to volunteer for a couple of hours taking on a shift on one of the major teams.

The main teams are:

  • Ice sales
  • Parking
  • Greeters
  • Gate
  • Fire perimeter
  • Sanctuary/Harm reduction
  • Orange team
  • Leave No Trace (LNT)
  • Rangers
Find out more about these teams and their functions here:


Theme and sound camps are (dis) organized groups of people who band together to offer gathering points for participants to dance, play, create, socialize and connect with one another. Without camps, there would be no Otherworld. They are magical spaces that contribute to the Burner principles of radical self-expression and communal participation.

Open, drive-in, walk-in and quiet/family camping also exists for any individual or group to find a spot without registering. The main event is all around you. There is no main stage or place people gather. It’s all volunteers that contribute the interactive art, experiences and performances shared at Otherworld.

Find out more about grants: Grant Program


If camps are the foundation of Otherworld, art is the fantastical structure built on that foundation. Art projects can include visual, performance or interactive art, theme camps, sound stages, mutant vehicles, workshops and other experiences.

Rogue art is always welcome and encouraged. If you want to bring or make something, you can do so without being funded or registered. If you don’t need a grant, you can still get the benefits of bringing something to Otherworld (such as the ability to purchase directed tickets, placement, collecting volunteer hours) by applying for directed registration.

We’re always looking for artistic photography from participants to help show off and promote the creativity of our community. Have great shots you want to share from any year you attended Otherworld? Make sure you have consent and please fill out this release form and upload your photos!

If you can imagine it, we want to help you make it through arts grants via the Kindle Arts Society.

Find out more about grants: Grant Program


Otherworld is unique in the sense that it doesn’t happen unless everyone contributes and brings something. Our events are entirely run by volunteers.

The entertainment, performances, workshops, DJs, music, art, etc. don’t happen unless attendees choose to bring it. Kindle Arts and the production volunteers provide the necessary infrastructure (security, first aid, ice, portos, etc.), but it is up to you as an attendee to participate and make the event what you want it to be.

There is no formal application process for performing at Otherworld. Each camp or sound stage is responsible for recruiting their own artists for performances. If there is something you see that you think will make the event better, we want to empower you to take action and make it better. If you see something that you think you can improve, bring it!

Find out more about grants: Grant Program