Otherworld 2024 returns
Thursday, June 6 - Monday, June 10

Volunteer opportunities, art grants, camp registration, planning and production are underway!

Helpful links

  • KindleArts Society – The not-for-profit society by and for the artists, performers and dreamers of Vancouver Island that produces Otherworld. Subscribe to the mailing list.
  • Otherworld only happens if you help create it. Sign up to volunteer here.
  • Bringing a theme camp or some art? You can register and get placement on this form.
  • Need some help with transportation of your art? Beep beep! Travel grants are open.
  • All Mutant Vehicles/Art Cars must be registered

More links coming soon:

  • People who may need financial assistance to attend should apply here for a subsidy ticket. <COMING SOON>
  • New to Otherworld? Check out the 2024 Survival Guide for tips, tricks, what to pack, what you’ll forget, where to go, how you can show up. <COMING SOON>
  • Make sure your project/camp/workshop is included in the What | Where | When. <COMING SOON>
  • Need a ride to Otherworld? <COMING SOON>
  • If you’re coming early to help build Otherworld, fill this out. <COMING SOON>
  • Ins and outs at the Gate are managed on a case-by-case basis for those with emergency needs and you must apply to be on the list. <COMING SOON>