A KindleArts Event.

June 20 – June 24

Our 11th year. 

Otherworld is the official regional event for the Victoria Burning Man community. Otherworld is a participation driven event centred around art, held approximately 1.5 hours outside Victoria. We provide the venue and essential services, and you to make the event amazing. How do you want to contribute to making Otherworld? Maybe you’d like to bring food to share, performance art, or maybe you want to build art?

$160 for Thurs 20- Mon 24. $80 for subsidy, Public sales April 15 at 6 pm!

 Helpful Tools & Forms

If you are bringing underage children with you that are not yours, please print and fill out a travel form by Clicking Here

Ticket Exchange and Rideshare

Another Rideshare and Ticket Exchange

Early entry & Work Access Pass application


These Producers are the people to contact for their respective areas:

  • Hiltz Tanner is responsible for Safety which includes: Rangers; Santuary/Harm reduction; Fire Art Safety Team; and medical/Security integration.
  • Byron Lundstrom has DPW; Transport; LNT; DMV.
  • Bill Fosdick has Volcor; Commissary; and volunteer coordination functions.
  • Mark Roch has Placement; Center Camp; Effigy; Temple; and fire show to help facilitate.
  • Chris Caddel is on Gate; Greeter; Parking.
 Is this your first time attending Otherworld? 

Check out the Otherworld First Timer’s society Facebook group to find out more about what this event is about!

 We are guided by the Burning Man 10 principles. 

You can read more about the 10 principles by clicking  here.

“This event is not a party, rave, or a festival in the traditional sense of the word. The key difference between those and this event is, following the principle of decommodification, nobody’s making any money or realizing any benefit here. All ‘staff’ are volunteers, and revenues surplus to event operational costs go back into the society to fund arts grants and other society programs. This small but important distinction is what sets this event apart from the multitude of others that happen. every summer, and creates a unique environment where a participatory community of artistic expression is the goal rather than a commerce-driven consumer experience”