How to Get There

Please note: these are very general directions. Please use the Burner principle of radical self-reliance and plot your own route!

Directions for B.C. burners:


From Horseshoe Bay (West Vancouver) or Tsawwassen (South Vancouver), take a ferry bound for Nanaimo or Victoria. Follow our driving directions from Nanaimo or Victoria ferries:


Head South on Highway 1. Continue until Highway 18, just north of Duncan. Turn right onto Highway 18 heading west towards Lake Cowichan. Veer right on to Youbou Road (don’t turn left towards the shops in Lake Cowichan).


Head south on Highway 17. Follow signs for Nanaimo and head north on Highway 1, continue until Highway 18, just north of Duncan. Turn left onto Highway 18 and head west towards Lake Cowichan. Veer right on to Youbou Road (don’t turn left towards the shops in Lake Cowichan).

The ferry schedules can be found at

International/out-of-province visitors:

If you are coming from farther away, you may need/prefer to fly to a local airport and then rent a vehicle or carpool from there.

The Vancouver Airport certainly has the most flight options, but you may find some going to the Victoria airport as well.

If you travel through Vancouver you can choose which ferry to cross to Vancouver Island on (Horseshoe Bay in North Vancouver or Tsawwassen in South Vancouver) and then follow the driving directions suggested above.

If landing in Victoria you do not have to worry about ferries and can simply follow the driving directions listed above.

Please be responsible for your own travel and plan accordingly. Be aware that Google Maps tends to route people the worst possible way, with the most ferries, automatically. Be advised to manually add a stops at the ferries of your choice.

Finally, if you are able to, reservations for BC Ferries are highly recommended. Be aware of size limits for your rental vehicle (U-Hauls, which some people bring and use as a shade/sleeping area MAY require special reservations). If you are unable to make reservations because of worry about connection times, bring lots of patience, snacks, and expect that you MAY have to wait for another ferry across.

Although shopping would be available in Lake Cowichan/Youboo, the selection that is in bigger places will not be as much. You may want to plan to do your shopping in Victoria, Vancouver, Nanaimo or Duncan, depending on which direction you are travelling from.

Are there rideshares/carpools available?

Yes! Stay tuned for a rideshare Google document to find or offer a ride to and/or from the event. This sheet is not maintained by Kindle Arts or Otherworld and is set up to help connect people.