After a two-year hiatus, Otherworld returns, June 16th-20th 2022, to bring you back home. 

Submerge yourself in inspiring installations, interactivity, get your moves on to music, reconnect with the creative community, recalibrate your costumes–and shine those boots and dust off your tassels cowboi! 

And, of course, don’t forget to register your art!

Membership tickets for Otherworld 2022.
Not a Kindle member or a part of the volunteer lead team? There’s still time and some cool AF roles available, from Esthetics & Decor to Pyrotechnics.
  • 2 tickets are available for the 2019 Kindle Arts Society Membership at $195 each.
  • Volunteers for 2022 will receive access to 1 Directed Ticket for $175, and 1 membership ticket at $195. This includes active volunteers and crew on this year’s org chart, theme camp crew, and art project crew. Volunteers are earning their membership for 2023.

Public tickets open April 20th.